Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Have You Ever Collected Any Items?

Have you ever collected any items? Maybe you still do? What is it?

When I was little I took up collecting postcards, stamps, pocket calendars and holy cards. Not too mention music cassettes. Then, for many years, I almost forgot about it all. I stopped collecting anything although I did not get rid of what I had gathered. It was stuck somewhere on the shelves. Many years later, I have tried to enlarge my small collection sets. I was not able to take all my aggregation to Texas when I was moving, that is why I had to start from the beginning. Like many other things. It has not been easy, though. Hardly anybody sends postcards these days. It seems pocket calendars have been forgotten as well.

 The Polish Ladies Abroad have supported my collecting tries. Thanks a lot!


You will find the links to Our Twins' Drawer Collection pages on the right side of this blog. One drawer is actually too big for our stuff. At least right now. 馃槉

My Pocket Calendars - visit the page to see some of them + what else in our Drawer is.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Music ABC: T-Z

Writing about the letter 'S' I forgot to mention someone. I am going to write about all the missed musicians in the following post/posts of My Music ABC series.

Today - T

'Children of the Revolution' by T. Rex was probably their most often played song on the Polish radio. I like some other songs by the band as well but I learned about them later, after the 'Children of the Revolution' hit.

Thin Lizzy and their 'Whiskey in the Jar'. I guess quite a lot of younger music fans most likely do not know that it was the original version of the song, covered later by Metallica and others.

Tangerine Dream - a German electronic music band. Their Kiew Mission is one of # 1s on my Tangerine Dream list.

Classical T

I have always liked the music by Tchaikovsky. However, I first time watched a live ballet performance of his 'Nutcracker' when I came to Texas.


Uriah Heep - my all times number one music U.  Do you know that the name of the band has its origin in/was taken from the novel 'David Copperfield' by Charles Dickens? In that story, Uriah Heep was actually rather a lousy character, the band, however, wrote and sang so many songs which I really like. Great, epic ballads and more rock pieces too.


Vangelis, especially his works created with Jon Anderson. A superb duo and romantic compositions.

Andreas Vollenweider and his magical world of gardens, water falls and his Swiss harp music.


Wishbone Ash - wonderful tunes and my music W #1. I fell in love with their songs from the very first time when I heard them. It was 'Errors of My Ways' and others on a cassette with their first album Wishbone Ash. My friend gave that cassette to me when I told her I liked it a lot. She had bought the cassette for a kiss (a real story) from one of her (male) pals.

Jeff Wayne and his "War of the Worlds" - magnificent compositions (absolutely stunning in my opinion) based on the novel by H.G. Wells. I have always enjoyed listening to the musical version of that classic story. The music intro is totally amazing - the words of the novel read by Richard Burton, the string section and all the orchestra sounds, the lyrics of the songs give me goose bumps. It is so great! Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" reminds me old radio theater shows. While listening to the music pieces, I can almost 'see' it all too. It makes my imagination work and makes me emotional as well. And I need to mention, no sooner had I seen the original concert version than I listened to the music on the radio and on a CD.

I wish I had been able to see it live when it was still performed. Well, Jeff Wayne has been retired now but there are still videos and my CD to enjoy.


When I visited Birmingham, quite unexpectedly, I had a chance to see Yes at their concert rehearsal. I was with a small group of other people and our guide - a Birmingham lady - sneaked us into the concert hall where Yes were working. We watched them from a balcony for a few minutes, then we had to leave of course. It was quite amazing. To be honest, I was surprised that Yes had been still performing. I like their music but (as it is with other bands as well) I have never tracked their career.
The album by Yes which I like most is Drama.


The only non-European band in this post is ZZ Top. I wrote about them in one of My Texas Alphabet pieces.

T.Rex - Jeepster, Hot Love, One Inch Rock, Children of the Revolution

Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear, Kiew Mission + the album Exit

Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty

Uriah Heep - Lady in Black, July Morning, Gypsy, Look at Yourself, Easy Livin', Salisbury - album, Sympathy, Come Away Melinda, Tears in My Eyes

UFO - Doctor, Doctor

Jon & Vangelis - albums Short Stories, Friends of Mr. Cairo

Andreas Vollenweider - albums Caverna Magica, Behind the Gardens

Wishbone Ash - Errors of My Ways, Sorrel, Lullaby, Ballad of the Beacom, Warrior, Leaf and Stream, Throw Down the Sword, Persephone, Everybody Needs a Friend

Rick Wakeman - Six Wives of Henry VIII

Yes - Into the Lens/I am a Camera, Love Will Find a Way, album Drama, Owner of the Lonely Heart

ZZ Top - Legs,  Sharp Dressed Man, La Grange, Gimme All Your Lovin'

Friday, July 14, 2017

Wywiady Klubowe: Rozmowa z Gosi膮 Dobrydnio

W tym miesi膮cu na blogu pojawi膮 si臋 a偶 trzy Wywiady Klubowe. Lipcow膮 seri臋 zaczyna Gosia, mieszkaj膮ca w Szwajcarii.

Gosiu, mi艂o nam, 偶e si臋 spotykamy. Powiec nam sk膮d pochodzisz, gdzie jest Twoje miejsce w Polsce?

Moje miejsce to od zawsze Podlasie i Rajgr贸d. Ma艂e miasteczko w p贸艂nocno-wschodniej cz臋艣ci Polski. Tam si臋 wychowa艂am i sp臋dzi艂am 19 lat mojego 偶ycia.

Jak dawno temu wyjecha艂a艣 z Polski?

Do Szwajcarii z Polski wyjecha艂am cztery lata temu.

Jaka by艂a / jest przyczyna Twojej emigracji?

G艂贸wn膮 przyczyn膮 mojego wyjazdu by艂 R i wkr贸tce potem pojawienie si臋 naszego syna Antka.

Co nam powiesz o swoim wykszta艂ceniu?

Z wykszta艂cenia jestem animatorem spo艂eczno-kulturowym i dziennikarzem radiowym, ale aktualnie nie pracuj臋 w zawodzie.

Czym zajmujesz si臋 na co dzie艅?

Jestem troch臋 'house manager' ;) , mam膮, a poza tym pracuj臋 te偶 w spa.

Gosiu, czy masz jakie艣 hobby / co lubisz robi膰 w czasie wolnym?

W czasie wolnym g艂贸wnie czytam, p艂ywam, zajmuj臋 si臋 moim ma艂ym ogr贸dkiem i du偶o je偶d偶臋 rowerem. Lubi臋 te偶 robi膰 zdj臋cia.

Z czego jeste艣 dumna?

Dumna jestem z tego, 偶e odwa偶y艂am si臋 wyjecha膰, urodzi膰 i wychowywa膰 dziecko w obcym kraju. Dumna te偶 jestem z moich dziennikarskich, autorskich warsztat贸w z dzieciakami z warszawskiej Pragi. Bardzo brakuje mi takich inicjatyw w Zurychu.

Kiedy zacz臋艂a艣 pisa膰 bloga / o czym piszesz na blogu?

Pierwszego bloga za艂o偶y艂am w 2002 roku, dosy膰 d艂ugo go pisa艂am i do tego regularnie! Niestety pod koniec studi贸w odpu艣ci艂am go sobie. P贸藕niej pr贸bowa艂am, ale wszystko, o czym pisa艂am, wyda艂o mi si臋 艣mieszne. Ostatni blog jaki uda艂o mi si臋 za艂o偶y膰 i od czasu do czasu co艣 napisa膰, powsta艂 pod wp艂ywem Was, dziewczyn z Klubu. ;-)

Pisz臋 o moim 偶yciu na emigracji o miejscach, kt贸re odwiedzam.
Aktualnie chodzi mi po g艂owie pomys艂 totalnego od艣wie偶enia bloga i by膰 mo偶e po wakacjach rusz臋 z now膮 szat膮 graficzn膮. :-)

Czym jest dla Ciebie Klub Polki?

Klub Polek jest dla mnie miejsce spotka艅, wymian膮 pogl膮d贸w i do艣wiadcze艅. Fajnie jest m贸c podzieli膰 si臋 r贸偶nymi spojrzeniami na 偶ycie.

Co jeszcze chcia艂aby艣 nam powiedzie膰 o sobie?

Chyba ju偶 wszystko powiedzia艂am, mo偶e tylko tyle, 偶e t臋sknie za rodzin膮 w Polsce i 偶e emigracja pod tym wzgl臋dem nie jest 艂atwa.

Dzi臋kuj臋 za uwag臋,
Gosia :-

Blog Gosi: 呕ycie na emigracji
Instagram: @dobragoshka

My te偶 dzi臋kujemy Gosiu za spotkanie i Tw贸j udzia艂 w Wywiadach. Do zobaczenia na stronach Twojego blogu. Pozdrawiamy wzajemnie! 馃懇

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Found in Family Tree: Elder William Brewster

All our ancestors are appreciated - each and every one of them - and I am always pleased when, doing my ancestry research, I manage to come across a new person or a new family connection.
The more I can find out about a certain family member, the greater it feels.  A few times,I have happened to make quite a discovery. How cool it is to find out that a well known person is part of our family tree!

I was very much surprised when I learned that our direct ancestor (11 generations back) is William Brewster, one of the earliest pioneers and the founders of this country. That 'revelation' made me feel quite excited as I had not expected such a family connection at all.

William Brewster was born in England (circa 1566), not far from Scrooby in Nottinghamshire. His parents were William Brewster Senior and Mary Smythe.

William Brewster junior was a well-educated man, he also spent some time studying in Cambridge.

Brewster worked as a Secretary of State, then he was postmaster at the Scrooby post office. William Brewster was one of the religious reformists who created a Separatist church in England. Due to his religious views, William had to flee with his wife to The Netherlands. They settled in Leiden where Brewster became an elder of his church. He also worked as an English teacher and religious books' publisher. In his works, he criticized the English bishops and the king of England as well. To avoid prosecution, Brewster, his wife Mary, and other members of his church decided to leave to America. In September 1620, they started they voyage to the New World - they left Plymouth in England on the Mayflower ship. They reached the coast of the American continent on December 21, 1620. The group established a colony called Plymouth. William Brewster was the Colony Leader and the Church Elder and preacher. He was later granted some lands near Duxbury and founded a farm there.

He died on April 10, 1644.

An actor depicts Elder William Brewster in Plymouth Plantation

 Mary Brewster - wife of William's - was born around 1569 in England. The couple got married circa 1592 in Nottinghamshire. She arrived on Mayflower with her two youngest children Love and Wrestling.

Mary was one of the five women who survived the first winter in America and one of the fourth ladies who took part in The First Thanksgiving celebrations.

Mayflower - replica built in 1956

Our connection to William and Mary Brewster is their daughter Fear, born around 1606 (Scrooby, Nottinghamshire). She came to America on the ship Anne in 1623.

In (around) 1626 Fear married Issac Allerton, who was also Mayflower passenger. He was born in England about 1586. Fear and Isaac had  three children Rose (born circa 1633), Sarah and Isaac.

Proud of our pioneers!

Photo #1: By Becurry (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons,
Photo #2: wikitravel:user:OldPine [CC BY-SA 1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Mom's WW2 Stories: Cemetery & Clogs

My mom was born not long before WW2 started. During the war, she lived with her mother and two years older sister in a port city of Poland, in the war port area.

When mom looked through her bedroom window, she could see the Baltic Sea and the naval crafts. Sometimes it happened the sea was on fire when a naval craft was bombed or hit by a torpedo and its fuel tanks exploded. The burning petrol spilled on the sea waters, the vessel was sinking. Then mom saw the navy men jumping into the flames trying to save themselves.

Opposite the house where mom lived, there was a local cemetery ground. It was the place where she and other Polish children from the neighborhood used to play.  More regular playgrounds were usually occupied by German kids who tended to pick on their Polish contemporaries and call them names as well. Therefore, the cemetery seemed such a good area to play - it was quiet and peaceful. Mom and her pals could have fun there, not being assaulted by others. They played hide-and-seek among the graves and in the tombs. The children were neither afraid of the dead nor any ghosts. However, there was something they were scared of. It was the cemetery groundskeeper. The kids found the German man more terrifying than a ghost as he did not allow them to fool around at the graveyard.

One day grandma asked her daughters to fetch some fresh grass for their pet rabbit. Well, the best grass grew in the cemetery so mom and her sister went there to pick some green and juicy grass blades. While the girls were busy with getting the food supply for the pet, the cemetery caretaker spotted them. He shouted at them and started running towards the sisters. When the two little ones realized what was going on, they knew it could mean troubles only.

'Run quickly! Run!' - as fast as they were able to, the girls rushed home. Their hearts were beating strong, the inveighing groundskeeper was approaching them...

Luckily, they managed to hide behind their apartment door. Mom was barefoot, though. She moved her legs so quickly, running back home, she lost the clogs she was wearing.

To your knowledge: during WW2, shoes were not available in stores for Poles. They were for German people only. The Polish could only purchase (if they had enough money of course) wooden clogs. And mom had a pair of her clogs too. She wore them most of the time - all year round - in the heat of the summer and on the freezing winter days too.

And now - disaster - they were gone!

Very soon there was a knocking on the door. It was the cemetery groundskeeper.

Groundskeeper: 'Are your children at home?'

Grandma: 'Yes.'

GK: 'Were they out not long ago?'

G: 'No.'

GK: 'Are these your child's clogs?' He demonstrated the wooden shoes to grandma.

G: 'No.'

GK: 'I will leave them here anyway.'

And he did put mom's clogs on the staircase floor, not far from their apartment door.

What a relief it was - a close shave!

The girls not only did not get beaten by the cemetery caretaker, he also appeared to be a not such a bad man at all. And mom got her footwear back!

All in all, it did not change the fact, that later, the groundskeeper kept on scaring away the kids if they happened to play in the graveyard.

The above photo was taken during the war - the dresses and the girls' sandals were made by their mother, my grandma.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Wywiady Klubowe: Rozmowa z Zuzann膮 Chmielewsk膮

Po wizycie we Francji, odwiedzamy dzisiaj Azj臋, a dok艂adniej m贸wi膮c Malezj臋. Tu mieszka Zuzanna, polska blogerka nale偶膮ca do Klubu Polki na Obczy藕nie. To nasza pierwsza wizyta w tym rejonie 艣wiata!

Witaj Zuzanno, ciesz臋 si臋, 偶e mo偶emy porozmawia膰. 馃懇
Powiedz nam, gdzie jest Twoje miejsce w Polsce?

Pochodz臋 w Poznania i tam te偶 sp臋dzi艂am wi臋kszo艣膰 偶ycia, w pi臋knym domu rodzinnym z ogromnym ogrodem. Bardzo t臋skni臋 za setkami stokrotek na trawniku i za wieczornymi rozmowami przy ogrodowym ognisku. To by艂o co艣!


Jak dawno temu wyjecha艂a艣 z Polski?

Na sta艂e w 2012 roku, ale zacz臋艂am wyje偶d偶a膰 na d艂u偶ej ju偶 wcze艣niej. By艂am jeszcze w trakcie studi贸w magisterskich, kiedy podj臋艂am decyzj臋 o wyje藕dzie.

Kraj/ kraje / przyczyna Twojej emigracji to...?

Wszystko zacz臋艂o si臋 od mojej fascynacji kultur膮 Indii. B臋d膮c nastolatk膮, uwielbia艂am filmy Bollywood, sporo czyta艂am o Indiach i bywa艂am na wszystkich mo偶liwych festiwalach kultury indyjskiej. W marzeniach ta艅czy艂am w pi臋knym sari w otoczeniu r贸wnie pi臋knie ubranych Indusek. Moja rodzina nie by艂a wi臋c zdziwiona, kiedy w wieku 19 lat wybra艂am si臋 na wolontariat w艂a艣nie do Indii. Po 3 miesi膮cach w stanie Gud偶arat spodoba艂o mi si臋 na tyle, 偶e wr贸ci艂am tam jeszcze w nast臋pnym roku. Nast臋pnym krokiem by艂 program Erasmus, na kt贸ry wybra艂am najbardziej „azjatyck膮” opcj臋 — Turcj臋. I od tamtej pory wiedzia艂am, 偶e zanim sko艅cz臋 studia, na pewno chc臋 jeszcze raz wyjecha膰 gdzie艣 na wsch贸d — jeszcze dalej ni偶 do Indii.

Po sko艅czeniu I roku studi贸w magisterskich zaaplikowa艂am na sta偶e marketingowe w 10 krajach Azji. Mia艂am rozmowy kwalifikacyjne z firmami w Korei, na Tajwanie, na Filipinach… I wtedy zdecydowa艂am, 偶e zdam si臋 na los. 呕e nie b臋d臋 mie膰 absolutnie 偶adnych preferencji. Po prostu — pierwsza firma, kt贸ra mnie zaakceptuje, b臋dzie „t膮 wybran膮”. I tyle. Niewa偶ne, w jakim kraju b臋dzie. No i na szcz臋艣cie dla mnie… pad艂o na Malezj臋! Tak naprawd臋 dowiedzia艂am si臋 o tym kraju wi臋cej dopiero po podpisaniu kontraktu na sta偶. Przed wyjazdem tak naprawd臋 o Malezji nie wiedzia艂am naprawd臋 prawie nic - tyletyle 偶e s膮 tam wie偶e Petronas...

Jednak po zako艅czeniu sta偶u czu艂am ogromny niedosyt. Malezja ogromnie mi si臋 spodoba艂a, a Kuala Lumpur wydawa艂o si臋 naprawd臋 ciekawym miejscem do eksploracji! I przez ten niedosyt stwierdzi艂am, 偶e zostan臋 jeszcze na chwil臋, znajd臋 prac臋 i dopiero potem wr贸c臋 na studia. Za rok. Ze znalezieniem pracy nie by艂o problemu (maj膮c w CV sta偶 w lokalnej firmie, by艂o mi 艂atwiej). I z tego „przed艂u偶ania” wysz艂a mi ca艂kiem porz膮dna emigracja - 艂膮cznie ju偶 5 lat!

Nigdy nie planowa艂am emigracji - przyjecha艂am do Malezji z 1 walizk膮, bez mebli czy innych osobistych przedmiot贸w. To chyba emigracja sama mnie wybra艂a, dzi臋ki cudownym ludziom w Malezji!

Powiesz nam jakie to studia rozpocz臋艂a艣 przed wyjazdem z Polski?

Studiowa艂am ekonomi臋 na Uniwersytecie Ekonomicznym w Poznaniu, nie uda艂o mi si臋 uko艅czy膰 magisterki, poniewa偶 „wyby艂am” do Azji i ju偶 nie wr贸ci艂am… Mia艂am te偶 niesamowit膮 przyjemno艣膰 studiowa膰 marketing w Izmir University of Economics w Turcji, podczas programu Erasmus.

Czym zajmujesz si臋 na co dzie艅?

Szeroko poj臋tym marketingiem internetowym i brandingiem. Pracuj臋 z malezyjskimi „startupami”, czyli w ma艂ych firmach, kt贸re niesamowicie szybko si臋 rozwijaj膮. Mam to szcz臋艣cie, 偶e zwykle jestem jedyn膮 nie-Malezyjk膮 w firmie!

Jakie jest twoje hobby / co lubisz robi膰 w czasie wolnym?

Blogowa膰, oczywi艣cie! Mam tak膮 swoj膮 ma艂膮 osobist膮 misj臋 - promocj臋 Malezji w Polsce. Jest to kraj jeszcze relatywnie ma艂o znany, wi臋c jest w tej kwestii sporo do zrobienia. Tak wi臋c kiedy tylko mog臋, zwiedzam nowe miejsca i je opisuj臋 na blogu, a w weekendy oferuj臋 sw贸j czas jako jedyny polskoj臋zyczny przewodnik w Malezji. Oprowadzam ma艂e grupy lub du偶e zorganizowane wycieczki wysy艂ane mi przez biura podr贸偶y. B臋d膮c w Polsce, wsp贸艂pracuj臋 z Izb膮 Handlu (Matrade) i ambasad膮 Malezji w Polsce, a tak偶e organizuj臋 Prezentacje. A je艣li mam jeszcze chwil臋 czasu wolnego, odwiedzam nowe kawiarnie i bazary w Kuala Lumpur. Uwielbiam lokalne „wynalazki” gastronomiczne!

Z czego jeste艣 dumna?

Moim najwa偶niejszym „dzieckiem” jest polskoj臋zyczny ksi膮偶kowy przewodnik po Malezji, kt贸rego jestem g艂贸wn膮 autork膮. Zosta艂 wydany przez wydawnictwo Pascal w 2015 i jest dost臋pny w ka偶dej wi臋kszej ksi臋garni w Polsce. To takie moje najwi臋ksze marzenie, kt贸re do tej pory spe艂ni艂am!

Kiedy zacz臋艂a艣 pisa膰 bloga / o czym piszesz na blogu?

W dniu, w kt贸rym przyjecha艂am do Malezji! Pocz膮tkowo by艂 to kana艂, kt贸rym wysy艂a艂am do rodziny zdj臋cia i relacje z mojego pobytu tutaj. Z czasem zacz臋艂am zauwa偶a膰 ruch na stronie i dostawa膰 pytania od turyst贸w wybieraj膮cych si臋 do Kuala Lumpur czy na malezyjskie wyspy. Stwierdzi艂am, 偶e skoro w polskim internecie nie ma jeszcze portalu o Malezji, mog臋 po prostu sama go stworzy膰 - i tak powsta艂 pomys艂 na to, co obecnie istnieje pod nazw膮
Na blogu znajduje si臋 wszystko, co dotyczy kraju i jego kultury - opisy festiwali, pogody, ciekawych miejsc, a nawet poradniki dotycz膮ce savoir-vivre. Opublikowa艂am te偶 gotowe plany zwiedzania i rekomendacje hoteli i hosteli.

Czym jest dla Ciebie Klub Polki?

Miejscem, w kt贸rym mog臋 poczu膰, 偶e nie jestem sama. Emigracja solo, zw艂aszcza nieplanowana, to nie s膮 zawsze tylko s艂oneczne dni. Czasem to ogromna samotno艣膰, brak porozumienia z Azjatami, r贸偶nice kulturowe… Dzi臋ki Klubowi wiem, 偶e jest nas na 艣wiecie wiele i 偶e cokolwiek si臋 nie dzieje, mamy podobne problemy i co najwa偶niejsze - mo偶emy sobie pom贸c! No i Klub to dla mnie te偶 spotkania w „prawdziwym” 艣wiecie - pozna艂am tu naprawd臋 przecudowne osoby!

Co jeszcze chcia艂aby艣 nam powiedzie膰 o sobie?

Je艣li my艣licie o pierwszych wakacjach w Azji - polecam z ca艂ego serca Malezj臋! Jest tu bezpiecznie, ciep艂o i ciekawie - no i jestem tu ja! Zawsze pomog臋, doradz臋 albo si臋 spotkam. Dla mnie to ogromna przyjemno艣膰! :)


Blog: ZuinAsia
Facebook: @ZuinAsia
Instagram: @zuzupoland

Dzi臋kujemy Zuzanno! Z pewno艣ci膮 skorzystamy z zaproszenia i przeczytamy Tw贸j Przewodnik, jeli trafi si臋 nam okazja sp臋dzenia wakacji w Malezji. 馃槉

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Movies Monthly: May

June is about to be over so it is time to tell you which movies and TV shows struck our fancy in May.

TV series

Detective stories by BBC:

DCI Banks - we did not watch much of the previous season which was presented a few years ago. It looks like this time the series may not be aired long again.

Ashes to Ashes - III season - 2010 - a new-look of the main female character and more music of the 80s - less new age and more punk rock tunes + some non-British music as well. I started liking the series mostly due to the DCI Gene Hunt role played Philip Glenister. The character seems very similar to Inspector Thomas Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) from 'Murdoch Mysteries' - another crime story series. The same type of man, the same type of inspector, similar behavior and personality, similar look even - different time setting only. At first, I thought the two parts might be played by the same actor but no, they were two different men. I also like the new image of Alex Drake and the entire detective crew - the bond they share (besides Jim Keats who seems rather slippery).

Scott & Bailey - although the serial has had many seasons, just a few episodes appeared on our local TV. Maybe because there was nothing special about it (besides some entertainment), just another detective TV show.


Plants Behaving Badly - an educating show about carnivorous plants.

Victorian Slum House - quite an illuminating series. The real life circumstances in the Victorian Slum House must have been one hundred times worse and much harder due to the omnipresent filth, diseases, malnutrition, lice and other nasty bugs, rats and so on. We really liked the tailor's family, most of all the ones who took part in the series. They were so integrated - the parents and two children working together and learning together, supporting each other. Not all the children worked so really hard. As it was mentioned in the series, some quickly got bored and did nothing. Maybe a reason of that was those kids were younger than the tailor family children and they did not understand the meaning of it all, why they were taking part in the show. Maybe it was something else but we disliked that attitude of being indolent and idle which made the parents work only. Luckily, it was just a TV show. If the children had lived in Victorian times, they would have not been able to skip the work.

Not long after watching the documentary series about the London slum house, I came across some interesting information - possibly, one of my distant relative's father (whom I had never heard about - neither the relative nor his father) was born in Whitechapel, London at the time depicted in the Victorian Slum House series.


As usual, we watched some older films/some classics + more current ones.

Absolute Power - 1997 (crime, drama) with Clint Eastwood - one of our this months classics. I had already seen the film but it was so long ago, I could not recall much of the plot.
Some actors' names make you expect a certain level of a quality of a movie. Clint Eastwood is one of those who do not disappoint you. 'Absolute Power' is a good movie indeed.

The Man Who Knew Infinity - 2015 (biography) - I had never heard of that math genius of India who had the 'visions with numbers' when he prayed/concentrated. Despite his brilliant mind, quite a tragic life he had.

Bat*21 - 1998 (war) - one of the Vietnam war movies - about a lost in action officer who is rescued in dramatic circumstances. Quite well-made and an involving story too.

The Day the Fish Came Out - 1967 (drama, SF) - a French production set on a Greek island - quite a weird film, interesting though.

The Whistler - series of movies - made in 1944 - 1948 (crime, thriller). An early version of The Twilight Zone.

Leon: The Professional - 1994 (crime, drama). Another classic in May. An outstanding part of Leon created by Jean Reno. The young actress who accompanied him did really well.

The Attack of Lederhosen Zombies - 2016 (horror style comedy) - totally silly but funny as well.

No Time for Sergeants - 1958 (comedy, war) - Andy Griffith as a very simple young countryman drafted into the Air Force + his comic adventures.